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An increasing number of consumers want more information about the origin of ingredients, responsible nutrition and conscious cooking. Verstegen has blockchain to meet this need. Verstegen uses blockchain technology for a fair, transparent and sustainable chain from farmer to consumer. The first chain made transparent is the nutmeg chain. Nutmeg farmers are actively involved in this technology in order to improve their entrepreneurship conditions. We also want to give future generations good perspectives to work in the herb and spice chain.

Negotiation position of the farmer

Verstegen wants to invest in a sustainable and future-proof food system, with transparent and short chains. By actively involving farmers in the production chain, we will improve their entrepreneurship conditions. One aim is to improve the farmer's bargaining position. They will also be more involved in the process.

Follow the nutmeg journey

Scan the QR code on the packaging of the Back to the Origin nutmeg and learn more about the origin of nutmeg. You can see which farmer grew your nutmeg and whether he received a good price. This has been verified by the farmer himself through the technology. The nutmeg is available at supermarket Coop.

Take a look at the nutmeg chain

Back to the origin with Verstegen nutmeg

Nutmeg is a lovely spice. But has it a fair process? Thanks to blockchain technology, you can see the exact origin of your nutmeg, its quality, the farmer who grew the nutmeg and whether he received a fair price.

Trust in the chain

Thanks to blockchain technology, everyone in the chain can understand and trust each other. This ensures a fair distribution and good cooperation. The importance of the farmer plays an important role in the investment of future generations. Verstegen wants to contribute to better incomes for farmers. This is in mutual interest: if the farmer has no money to plant new nutmeg trees, both quality and supply will decrease.

The right price

If the farmer confirms anonymously whether or not price agreements have been kept, other parties in the chain can see if it works. They can scan the QR code on the packaging of the Back to the Origin nutmeg. If the payment is not made properly, everyone can see that immediately. As Verstegen pays a higher price than the market price, it can promise the best quality herbs and spices. You can check if the nutmeg has that promised quality.

Liveable incomes

Do Indonesian nutmeg farmers earn livable incomes? Fairfood did this research for us. Unfortunately, nutmeg farmers still earn too little for a livable income, which is caused by several factors. What factors? You can read that on the website of Fairfood.

Go to the article of Fairfood

Meet our farmer

Ultimate transparency: knowing who grows your food. With the blockchain application of Verstegen Spices & Sauces and Fairfood, you get to know the farmers behind your nutmeg. Farmers like Tony, Pransisko, Hetty and Jamal for example. Verstegen looked up some farmers to find out more about themselves, their business and their dreams. Today we speak with Rahmawati.

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