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Sustainability is one of the key aspects of Verstegen Spices & Sauces' business operations. To us as a family-owned business this goes without saying as we work for our children's children. Verstegen believes it is important to learn from other companies and to encourage them to do business in a more sustainable way. Partnerships and collaboration are very important. After all, doing things together will create real impact. Verstegen wants to play an active role in expanding the CSR network within the Netherlands. Verstegen’s partnerships include MVO Nederland and the Sustainable Spice Initiative.

Verstegen as a CO2-neutral organisation

In order to fight against climate change, Verstegen has started a CO2 offsetting project in collaboration with CO2 Operate B.V. Verstegen uses trucks with euro-5 or -6 engines. In addition, the head office in Rotterdam has LED lighting with presence sensors, heat recovery systems and Verstegen is on its way to a paperless working environment. Electricity consumed is generated by the Dutch wind and the sun. Verstegen has its own wind turbine and one roof is covered with 876 solar panels. Generating green electricity limits the emission of pollutants, which is why these are sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Development Goals

Verstegen will take her responsibility to make the herbs and spices market more sustainable. The chain from farmer to consumer must be transparent, fair and sustainable for people, the environment and society. That is why we are constantly looking for ways to make a positive impact on the world. For this we use the UN Sustainable Development Goals, also known as SDGs. Out of 17 SDGs, Verstegen focuses on 5 goals that are in line with Verstegen's mission and vision.

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Sustainability at Verstegen

We are proud of our unique and sustainable cooperation with local farmers in the countries of origin. By using high quality technological solutions and applying optimal quality control, we will ensure the fair, transparent and sustainable chain from farmer to consumer.

CSR Annual Report

Verstegen wishes to set an example to society when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility.

You can read how Verstegen intends to achieve this in the CSR Annual Report 2018.

Download CSR Annual Report 2018 (Dutch version)