Sustainability at Verstegen

Creating a more sustainable herbs and spices chain

Great Taste, Better Future

Together we will make the difference for the next generation

Our passion for delicious flavors goes hand in hand with our care for nature and society. As a family business, we believe in creating a better world for future generations. This way everyone can enjoy the very best flavors, now and in the future. How do we do this? We will explain that to you.



Better for taste and nature

We are committed to conserving biodiversity by applying smart agricultural techniques. This is better for the taste of our products and for nature!


Together for change

Verstegen is committed to a positive social impact, from farmer to fork. We strive for fair wages and safe working conditions because we believe everyone has the right to a safe and fair workplace.


A cleaner tomorrow starts now

We are committed to recycling and reusing as many raw materials as possible. We improve our production process step by step, with the aim of circular packaging and production without waste.


The tastiest flavors, produced with green energy

We use as much sustainable energy as possible. How do we do this? For example, with our own wind turbine and a smart, innovative facade that generates solar energy. The tastiest flavors are driven by the wind and the sun.


Dagopbrengst in Wh


Jaaropbrengst in Wh


Dagopbrengst in Wh


Jaaropbrengst in Wh


"We want to create a company that is even better for the environment, society and the people around us"

- Michel Driessen, CEO

Fair food starts with a transparent chain

We are committed to a transparent herbs and spices chain from farmer to fork, based on fair trade and openness. Thanks to blockchain technology, we gain insight into the entire journey of our herbs and spices. What we want to achieve in our product chains: a decent income for everyone who works in our chains and no child labor and forced labor.

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Taking care of our climate

We must take care of our world. Therefore:

  • we are committed to nature conservation.
  • we choose regenerative agricultural practices to protect our climate.
  • we restore land and allow ecosystems to flourish again.
  • we make crops stronger against climate change.


With these plans we want to:

  • make the quality of our products even better
  • restore the production of herbs and spices
  • make agricultural systems climate change proof
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions


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