Verstegen Spices & Sauces B.V. has a Kosher quality mark for various products. If you would like to know which Verstegen products have the Kosher quality mark for, please contact us.

Information about the Kosher quality mark

The word ‘Kosher’ means food and ingredients used in its preparation comply with the Kashrut and are therefore approved for consumption by Jewish people. Kashrut is the system of food laws in Judaism. Products prepared according to these food laws and controlled by rabbis will receive the Kosher certificate. Kosher means “suitable.”

Kosher certificates are issued only to factories and companies that are strictly kosher, or whose products can be produced in a kosher manner. In order to qualify for a certificate, the ingredients of each product must be examined, as well as the method of production and cleaning. Arrangements are made with companies that receive a kosher certificate to comply with the kosher guidelines.

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