Fair food? Transparent chain!

With blockchain

Fair food starts with a transparent chain

Do you use herbs and spices to flavor your meal? Then imagine that you know where all these have been. You know which farmer grew the herb or spice and how it ultimately ended up on your plate. That is what Verstegen wants to achieve. How? With smart technology, like blockchain, in collaboration with Fairfood.


What is blockchain?


Blockchain technology stores data in ‘blocks’. This allows every player in the chain to enter data safely. For example, the farmer can confirm whether he or she has received the agreed price for his or her product. This information is visible to everyone in the chain. Blockchain therefore provides a kind of passport that provides complete insight into what has been done with the products and which agreements have been fulfilled.

This is where the story of your nutmeg begins

Verstegen is building a better future for farmers by trading in a sustainable manner and making the chain from farmer to plate completely transparent. The journey that nutmeg takes to your plate (also called the nutmeg chain) is the first that we have made transparent using blockchain technology. In this video we explain how.

Which herbs and spices follow?

At present, our chains of white peppernutmegmacegarlic and coriander are (partially) traceable: we know where the spices come from and who the suppliers are. However, we cannot currently find out what prices are paid for each of these chains. Our goal is to make all herb and spice chains completely transparent.

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