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Black pepper

Pepper is one of the most widely used spices in the world, in both black and white form. Black pepper can be used in almost all savoury dishes and has a coarse, spicy flavour. In order to obtain black pepper, the berry is dried, which gives the skin of the berry a characteristic colour and texture. Verstegen only supplies the very best quality herbs and spices and gets its black pepper from South Sumatra, because this is where the best quality grows.

Characteristics of black pepper

The black pepper berry comes from a tropical, perennial plant that can reach a height of up to 9 metres. The diameter of the berry is between 2 and 6 mm. Its size is determined by climatic conditions and the soil. It also determines the flavour. The pepper plant thrives best in a hilly area where there is not too much rain and the average temperature is 28°C. Areas of production of black pepper include Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Brazil and Vietnam. Verstegen's black pepper comes from the Indonesian island of South Sumatra, because this is where the best quality can be obtained.

How is black pepper obtained?

After 3 years, the pepper plant gives its first berries and will then remain productive for about 7 years. Black peppercorns are harvested 6 months after flowering as mature, but still unripe, green peppercorns. After harvesting, the grains are washed and dried in the sun. The black pepper berry is dried to obtain its characteristic texture. The sufficiently mature, not-yet-ripe green peppercorns have the highest content of fragrance and aromatic substances and are therefore also used for black pepper.

The flavour and use of black pepper

The taste of black pepper is hot and sharp with a fresh aftertaste. Black pepper can be used in almost all savoury dishes and gives your dish a rough, spicy flavour. Usually, a list of ingredients or preparation method ends with 'season with salt and pepper'. This way, you give just that little extra spice to your pasta or soup.