Italian herbs

Italian herbs are a mix of different herbs, originating from the area around the Mediterranean Sea. All kinds of combinations are possible, the most common combination is oregano, basil and thyme. In addition to these three herbs, Verstegen Italian herb mix also contains savory. All these ingredients, like all our products, come directly from the origin. After all, this is where the best quality comes from!


The taste of Italian herbs

The various herbs are dried separately in the air. After this they are added together so that the flavours of the herbs remain the purest. The blend is freshly green in colour and has a Mediterranean fragrance. The taste of the Italian herb mix is spicy and warm and reminds us of Italy.


Why not use the herbs to season meat, chicken or fish.

Italian herbs in dishes

Italian herbs are regularly used in Italian dishes. There are several pasta dishes with Italian herbs in a tomato sauce, such as pasta marinara, pasta arrabiata and lasagne. On pizzas the Italian herb mix will provide a sunny, spicy taste.

In addition to traditional Italian dishes such as pasta and pizza, Italian herbs can also be used in stews to add more flavour to the dish.