Savory - Verstegen Spices & Sauces


Savory is a herb that is added as an extra spice to Italian herbs or Provencal herbs. There are two different types of savory, the annual plant and an adult plant called mountain savory.

Savory grows preferably in sunny places in moist, permeable soil. The herb originates from the area around the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

The taste of savory

Savory is dried as a whole plant and then the leaves are removed from the branches. The flavour of savory resembles thyme, while the smell of the herb is reminiscent of a mixture of lavender and apples with a slightly peppery mint flavour. Dried savory has more flavour than fresh savory. The influence of climate, season, soil and ripeness are also important for smell, colour and taste of the plant. The warmer the weather, the more essential oils the herb contains.

The origin

Savory originates from the area around the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The best quality herbs and spices are grown in the areas of origin. As Verstegen wants the best quality herbs and spices, Verstegen savory therefore comes from Spain. Savory prefers sunny places and moist, permeable soil. If the plant grows in a shady environment, the herb contains fewer aromas.

Savory in dishes

In the old Roman times, the Romans loved savory sauce. They used vinegar to prepare it and they ate it with fish and meat dishes. Most cooks had their own recipes for savory. Nowadays the herb is mainly used in dishes with broad beans and other legumes.