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White pepper

Pepper is one of the most widely used spices in the world, both in black and white form. To obtain white pepper, the berries are soaked in running water for 5 to 7 days. In this process, the skin is washed away in running water so that a white pepper ball emerges. The best peppercorns are then (manually) selected. Naturally, Verstegen only supplies the very best quality white pepper. The white pepper that Verstegen delivers comes from Muntok and is therefore called white Muntok pepper. The pepper is named after the old port city in Indonesia.

Improving pepper production in Indonesia

With the 'SpiceUp' sustainability programme, Verstegen ensures that 100,000 pepper farmers in Indonesia can improve their pepper production. They face different challenges, such as weather conditions, availability of water and increased risk of disease. With SpiceUp, the pepper farmers receive geo-information by means of a text message or mobile application with advice on drought, irrigation, fertilisation and optimising good farming techniques.

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Characteristics of white pepper

White pepper is the fully grown and ripe berry of the pepper plant. The berries are soaked in running water for 5 to 7 days. In this process, the skin is washed away to reveal a white peppercorn. Depending on the quality standard, the berries are washed again, so only 1 to 2% dark balls are left among the berries. This process is also known as fermentation, which gives the white pepper its unique flavour.

The flavour of white pepper

The flavour of white pepper is more aromatic than black pepper, namely spicy with a sweet aftertaste. The flavour of the pepper is determined by climatic conditions, the soil and the fermentation process. The conditions for the best white pepper are an outside temperature of 28°C, a hilly area and not too much rain. Production areas of white pepper are mainly countries in South-east Asia, but Brazil is also a production area. Verstegen's white pepper comes from Banka, an Indonesian island near Sumatra. The local climatic conditions are best for growing the spice.

Use of white pepper in the kitchen

Pepper is used to flavour almost all savoury dishes. This also applies to white pepper. Because white pepper has a slightly sweet aftertaste, this spice also goes well with sweet dishes for an extra bit of spice.