Amchoor - Verstegen Spices & Sauces


Amchoor, what is that anyway? This spice comes from the Asian cuisine and is mainly used in Southeast Asia.

Amchoor is a powder made from dried unripe mangoes. Because of the unripe mangoes that are used, the powder has a slightly sour taste and it smells a bit like red wine.

The origin of amchoor

Originally, the green sour mangoes grew in India. Nowadays, the trees also grow in other countries, where the climate is similar. In the desirable climate, mango trees can reach a height of 25 meters. The best quality amchoor can still be found in India, which is why Verstegen's amchoor also comes from there.

Use amchoor in your dishes

Mango powder can be found in the Indian spice mix Garam masala. In this mixture, you will find spices that combine well with amchoor. For example, think of chili, coriander and ginger. These spices are often found in the Indian cuisine in vegetarian dishes, such as curries. Amchoor adds a slightly acidic addition to these dishes.