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The herb parsley is an herbaceous plant that grows best in rich, moist soil in a sunny spot. The parsley plant can reach a height of about 20-60 cm in these conditions. The best conditions for parsley to grow can be found in almost all temperate and subtropical regions of the world. The main production countries are countries in Europe, parts of the Middle East, Canada and the United States, but the origin of the herb is in the Mediterranean. Germany and France are the largest producers of this herb. The parsley of Verstegen comes from Germany, because of the beautiful green leaves.

Two types of parsley

Did you know there are two types of parsley? You have curly parsley with bright fresh green curled leaves with serrated edges. You also have flat-leaf parsley with smooth leaves and a higher flavor content than curly parsley. Parsley leafs looks a bit like cilantro leafs. Both variants also differ from each other with regard to the release of flavor. Curly parsley is a bit drier and therefore releases its flavor a little later, whereby a woody taste emerges a little earlier. Flat-leaf parsley has a slightly stronger taste.

Use of parsley in the kitchen

Parsley can be used for flavor, but the herb is also often used as a garnish. The taste goes well in all kinds of soups, sauces, fish dishes and salads. Parsley is a very tasty and fresh herb. To maintain that freshness, it is best to add parsley after cooking. For example, it is very tasty to use parsley in dressings and salads, but also add it to herb butter. Its refined, savory taste is well reflected in this.

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