Thyme - Verstegen Spices & Sauces


Thyme is a herb from an aromatic plant that grows 20 to 40 centimetres high. The stem of the plant is greenish brown in colour and is covered with upright twigs with small, narrow elliptical grey-green leaves between 2 and 5 millimetres in size. The leaves roll up at the edges and are covered with white, felt-like hairs on the underside. Every spring new green upright twigs appear with these leaves.

The taste of thyme

Did you know that the mature thyme plant has the best colour, smell and taste? Thyme has a spicy, slightly bitter taste. Dried thyme has stronger aromas than fresh thyme. So fresh herbs do not by definition always taste stronger. Verstegen always has the very best quality of thyme. In order to obtain the very best flavour, the herb is grown in its area of origin, which is why Verstegen thyme comes from Turkey.

How to use thyme in dishes?

Thyme goes very well with stews in which the herb can simmer. These may be meat, poultry or vegetable stews! The herb also goes well with oven dishes. Not only that, it is also very tasty on baked potato slices or carrots from the oven. The herb is an important ingredient in the famous Provencal and Italian herb mixes. Thyme is also indispensable for pickling olives.