Good health and well-being

Good health and well-being have effects on farmers, consumers and employees. Verstegen wants everyone to enjoy responsible, healthy, but above all delicious food. We provide good flavour for any dish, while making sure it is as healthy as possible. That’s why we have a healthy nutrition policy.


100% natural raw materials

We offer more vegetarian and vegetable dishes, use 100% natural raw materials to the extent possible, use less or no salt and sugar and use liquid (unsaturated) fats. We have launched a number of sauces with no added sugars and we replaced all herb mixes which now contain only 100% natural ingredients.


"We provide good flavour for any dish, while making sure it is as healthy as possible. That is why we have a healthy nutrition policy."


The talents and passions of our employees are essential for their progress and for Verstegen’s progress. Every employee at Verstegen is given the opportunity to develop these talents and passions. Employees can continue to develop by taking monthly training courses at the Verstegen Academy, the introductory programme ‘De Groene Loper’, e-learning and on-the-job guidance.


Language skills

At Verstegen, we support our employees in their language skills and independence. The majority of the production workers do not speak Dutch as their mother tongue. They can therefore participate in the course ‘Language and Digital’, a collaboration with the City of Rotterdam and the Library. Speaking the same language, both literally and figuratively, enables us to understand each other and to work together better. In this way, we expect our colleagues to continue to work with energy. The course makes our employees able to manage for themselves within Verstegen and the Dutch society.


Verstegen employees

We buy the herbs and spices at their places of origin. From there, we keep everything in our own hands, from transport to self-milling and safe processing in our production facility. This is done by some 500 trained colleagues, as one big family.

Social workplace

Verstegen offers people with a distance to the labour market the opportunity to be part of us because anyone can join us! These employees pack our fragile herbs and spices, under the supervision of the Municipality of Rotterdam. This makes it a pleasant working environment for them.