No hunger

The relationship between no poverty and no hunger are close, so Verstegen is maintaining its efforts to fight poverty. Many herb and spice farmers do not have a constant income, because they often only have one crop and can therefore only harvest once a year. The rest of the year they have less or no income. This may make them dependent on lenders.



Through agroforestry, the sustainable agricultural system, Verstegen can grow herbs and spices in a sustainable way. By means of this agricultural system, farmers can grow, harvest and sell various products. The benefits are that farmer are not dependent on one harvest. If one crop fails, the farmer has another crops to earn money. As a result, there is a spread of business risks which results in more stable incomes for farmers. A more stable income also provides better living conditions for the farmer. This allows the farmers to feed their families throughout the year.

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“More stable incomes provide better living conditions for farmers."